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Oakridge National Lab (ORNL) Project ODIN

The Outage Data Initiative (ODI) is a data exchange standard that has been part of an Oakridge National Lab (ORNL) project, called "ODIN".

The ODI standard allows utilities to share data in a common format, that is based on the utility Common Information Model (CIM). This standard facilitates the ability of utilities to share data with government agencies and first responders. In demonstrations, the standard has been shown to be implemented in "days not months". EPRI has worked with ODIN to refine the data standard to make it more reliably implemented, and created testing resources that integrators can use to verify their implementations.

For more information access A Case Study on the Implementation of Outage Data Standard to Improve Customer Engagement and Assist First Responders. Open New Window.

Download the 3002017954 Outage Data Initiative Test Script

Download the EPRI_ORNL Outage Data Initiative Test Script Overview (PDF) or download/listen to the Recording