EPRI: Electric Power Research Institute

Smart Grid Resource Center


The National Electric Sector Cybersecurity Organization Resource (NESCOR) Is intended to strengthen the cyber security posture of the electric sector by establishing a broad-based public-private partnership with the Department of Energy (DOE) for collaboration and cooperation. NESCOR serves as a focal point to bring together domestic and international experts, developers, and users to specify and, if applicable, test security of novel technology, architectures, and applications for the electric sector. NESCOR also addresses the priorities for development of products and deliverables necessary to assist industry and government in addressing the cyber security challenges to electric sector reliability.

NESCOR works collaboratively with NESCO, DOE, and other federal agencies to:

  • Enhance cyber security of the bulk power electric grid and electric infrastructure, including:

    • The security of legacy, current, and emerging technologies for the electric generation, transmission, and distribution domains

  • Assess security features,

  • Specify security solutions and mitigation strategies,

  • Focus cyber security research and development priorities, and

  • Identify and disseminate best practices.

NESCOR’s goal is to protect the electric grid and enhance the integration of smart grid technologies that will mitigate the effects of cyber attacks – both malicious and non-malicious. Products that are developed are intended to complement and enhance the development and implementation of key milestones and objectives called for in the Roadmap to Secure Control Systems in the Energy Sector Open New Window.