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Geospatial Information System Interest Group A Technology Transfer Outreach Effort of the EPRI IntelliGrid Program

Purpose of the GIS Interest Group

The GIS Interest Group is a forum for utilities to share experiences, talk about tools and techniques and explore research topics.  EPRI provides this forum without charge (you do not even have to be an EPRI member to participate) as a service to the industry and to promote the importance of good GIS data.

With the advent of AMI, DMS, and the Smart Grid, distribution companies can no longer ignore poor data quality.  In many cases, utilities are finding that their capital intensive Smart Grid investments are not yielding anticipated benefits simply because the utility does not have an adequately accurate representation of the distribution system.  In more extreme cases, the safety of employees and the public has been compromised due to misrepresented facilities in the GIS.

GIS quality issues are primarily related to:

  • Gaps, e.g. certain key data is missing;
  • Redundancies with other systems, e.g. data is captured in many systems and it is inconsistent or requires duplicate data entry to update;
  • Lack of currency with system “as-built”, e.g. untimely work order completion / backlog;
  • Inaccuracies with the field, e.g. GIS has data but does not represent the actual system in the field;
  • Inaccurate or unavailable land-base, e.g. varying degrees of accuracy of land-base data based on the source;
  • Customer to transformer connectivity by phase is in doubt; and
  • GIS model itself allows for “bad” data.

The GIS Interest Group will explore methods of improving GIS data quality by sharing with each other and participating in EPRI sponsored research.

Who Should Participate

Anyone who works with GIS or depends on GIS data