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2015, August 20-21, Tokyo, EPRI Seminar: Integrated Grid Concept and Technology Development

Name Size Published
Integration of Distributed Energy Resources - Opportunities and Challenges in Japan 4.3mb 8/11/2015
EPRI Integrated Grid Overview Opportunities and Challenges 3.2mb 8/11/2015
Cyber Secuirty for DER Curtainment ADR AMI 1.3mb 8/12/2015
Industry Standards and Trends Integrating DER US and Europe 1.3mb 8/11/2015
System Architecture Design for Integrated Grid 3.4mb 8/11/2015
EPRI Research Development Demonstrations of Integrated Grid 2.2mb 8/11/2015
Facilitated Discussion on Future of Power Grid 392kb 8/11/2015

2015, April 28-29, The ICCS European Engagement Summit

Name Size Published
EPRI Europe ICCS Welcome Presentation 2.3mb 5/1/2015
Risk Management in Practice – A Guide for the Electric Sector 1.2mb 5/1/2015
Gas Natural Fenosa Smartgrids and Smart Metering – A New challenge for the Electric Sector 831kb 5/1/2015
Risk Management – Iberdrola’s Case 1.4mb 5/1/2015
EPRI - Security Posture Assessment 778kb 5/1/2015
Energy Networks Association – Security Posture Assessment for Operations Technology and Control Systems 1.3mb 5/1/2015
EPRI - Improving Network & Systems Management for Substations and Field Devices 1.8mb 5/1/2015
Enel – IEC 62351-7 IS Status Report 793kb 5/1/2015
EPRI – Centralized Threat Management 1.8mb 5/1/2015
Centralized Threat Management – ESB Networks 2.3mb 5/1/2015
EPRI – Augmented Reality for Workforce Mobility – The Next Level 1.9mb 5/1/2015
Enel Augmented Reality Helmet for Remote Assistance 1.7mb 5/1/2015
EPRI – AMI System Prognostics and Health Management 1mb 5/1/2015
Metering Reliability Research in Eskom 575kb 5/1/2015
EPRI – Open, Interoperable Advanced Metering 1.6mb 5/1/2015
ESB Networks – On the Road to Full Smart Meter Rollout 5.2mb 5/1/2015
EDF - Open, Interoperable Advanced Metering System Development 110kb 5/1/2015
Iberdrola – Open, Interoperable Advanced Metering – Prime PLC 4.8mb 5/1/2015
EPRI – Communication Standards for Demand Response and Distributed Energy Resources 2.5mb 5/1/2015
EDF – Communication Standards for Demand Response and Distributed Energy Resources 307kb 5/1/2015