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Secure Remote Substation Access Interest Group A Technology Transfer Outreach Effort of the EPRI Cyber Security Program

Purpose of the SRSA Interest Group

The SRSA Interest Group is a forum for utilities to share experiences and best practices, discuss the tools and techniques, and exploring research topics for the advancement of secure remote substation access.

There is an established need for remote substation access solutions that provide support for a wide range of IEDs including current, legacy, and future devices, and also deliver the required level of cyber security and compliance support. Remote communications access to substations can provide new opportunities for data integration solutions such as fault location, asset optimization, and power quality monitoring. It may also reduce the number of times field personnel are required to visit substations to retrieve IED configuration or event files for analysis. However, balancing this level of access with cyber security and potential regulatory compliance requirements can be very difficult. This balance can be achieved through proper preparation, procedure implementation, and organizational support.

The objectives of this interest group are to identify implementation challenges for secure remote access functionality, advance the state-of-the-art of secure remote access systems for the power delivery domain, and build a community of end users to socialize secure remote substation access concepts and best practices.

Key activities for the interest group include:

  • Discuss and develop remote access scenarios to be reviewed by the team and participating vendors. Unique and challenging scenarios are welcomed.
  • Discuss utility or regulatory requirements for secure remote access systems, including NERC CIP.
  • Discuss overall system security of the remote access systems.
  • Facilitate technical demonstrations by vendors.

Who Should Participate

Utilities that have either deployed or plan to deploy a secure remote access solution for their substations. This interest group will cover solutions for both transmission and distribution substations.

Schedule of Upcoming Webcasts

2014 dates currently being scheduled, contact Scott Sternfeld ssternfeld@epri.com to be added to notification list.