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Smart Grid Enterprise Architecture Interest Group A Technology Transfer Outreach Effort of the EPRI IntelliGrid Program

Purpose of the SGEA Interest Group

The SGEA Interest Group is a forum for utilities to share experiences and best practices, discuss the tools and techniques, and exploring research topics for the advancement of utility enterprise architecture as it relates to smart grid planning and implementation.

Many utilities face challenges as they begin to plan, design, or integrate new capabilities into their IT/OT landscapes for supporting smart grid capabilities.  It may be difficult to understand how to leverage artifacts such as the NIST conceptual model, Gridwise Architecture “stack” or the NIST Catalog of standards, or other resources into a comprehensive architecture repository. 

This Interest Group will examine existing resources that can be plugged into a repository that can then be leveraged and reused by the utility industry.  This repository will leverage SparxSystems Enterprise Architect, facilitating the import/export of UML to transfer to/from other repositories.  Additionally the work will leverage TOGAF for development and categorization of artifacts.  Example artifacts may include guiding principles, data models, use cases, application architectures, or links to standards, e.g. NIST catalog.

Additionally, the group will be soliciting contributions from interested members and there will be collaboration around the development of new or existing artifacts.

Who Should Participate

Business, IT, Enterprise, or Solution architects, or those involved in systems planning.

EA Interest Group has changed to a Collaboration Group subscription model and moved to a collaboration portal. Please contact Gerald R. Gray for more information.

Smart Grid Enterprise Architecture Repository (11.5 MB)

For more information, contact
Gerald R. Gray at EPRI.