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Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Program

2015 ICT Portfolio Rollout Webcasts
Did you miss one of the ICT Program 2015 R&D Portfolio Webcasts? Download the presentation or recording.

In 2015, the IntelliGrid program is becoming the Information and Communication Technology Program and will continue to focus on enabling technologies for modernizing the grid, fusing Information and Communication Technology (ICT) into every aspect of electricity service. Utilities around the world are embracing the concepts of this modernization as demonstrated by increased attention to deploying additional sensors, enabling the mobile workforce, focusing on data analytics, and managing Information Technology/Operations Technology (IT/OT) convergence.

The Information and Communication Technology program is designed to provide members with both near-term results that can provide immediate value as well as longer-term work that is designed to lead the industry toward the vision of a highly integrated, interoperable modern grid. Projects that are designed to provide immediate value include our work to track activities in communications and interoperability standards and provide analysis on utilities. Utilities can also benefit from the guidebooks and reports that ware developed to capture industry best practices on:

  • GIS data quality
  • IT/OT Engagement Strategies
  • AMI prognostics and health management
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Using Standards and Communications of Asset Condition Monitoring